‘PROJECT R2R’: Horch House to develop world’s only current reel-to-reel tape deck


Could this be the most surprising development in hi-fi since Neil Young’s Pono Player? Except with one small difference: we’re talking analogue. Very analogue.

The analogue uprising

reelAs audiophiles and music lovers around the world continue to debate whether hi-res digital actually makes an appreciable difference, one thing remains clear: the analogue resurgence is going from strength to strength. Vinyl sales are now growing faster than any other format and turntable sales shot through the roof in 2015, as more and more music lovers rediscover what a core of audiophiles never forgot: you just can’t top analogue sound quality.

Audiophiles, meanwhile, are going one better, knowing that when it comes to analogue, tape sounds even better than vinyl. Obviously we’re not talking about the cassette tapes of the eighties Walkman era, nor of those old 8-track bricks from the days of flares and swirly orange carpets. The audio grail in question is, of course, reel-to-reel tape.

‘PROJECT R2R’: reel-to-reel returns

reel5Austria-based Horch House is excited to announce the initiation of ‘PROJECT R2R’: the development of the world’s only brand new reel-to-reel tape deck.

Launched in 2012, the Horch House brand has already developed an impressive reputation for capturing the magic of original analogue master tapes and delivering faithful (and fully licensed and approved) copies on reel-to-reel tape, vinyl records and in various digital formats.  Now, the company is also turning its attention to bringing the once essential reel-to-reel deck from its current vintage status back to centre stage – where it belongs…

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PRESS RELEASE ‘PROJECT R2R’: Horch House to develop world’s only current reel-to-reel tape deck