“The only speaker system you’ll ever need”: Hi-Fi Choice is bowled over by Eclipse’s TD510ZMk2 loudspeaker with matching TD520SW subwoofer

The Eclipse way of looking at things says that “modern hi-fi has gone wrong” and that the key to preserving the heart and soul of music is a technical one, rooted in the ability to recreate an impulse signal as accurately as possible. Multiple moving-coil drivers just can’t cut the mustard, it contends, which is why it favours a single driver design. David Vivian sizes up its latest duo of offerings for Hi-Fi Choice magazine and is seriously impressed. 

The “jewel in the crown” of the ellipsoid-shaped Eclipse design is “the 40 times iterated-to-optimum 100mm, glass-fibre coned full-range driver,” explains Vivian, “which isn’t fixed to the front of the rear-ported ABS enclosure but ‘floated’ by a heavy, conical internal anchor which also ushers mechanical vibration directly into the full-length, sand-filled aluminium stand and base.”

Eclipse TD510ZMk2 loudspeaker

Here, the TD510ZMk2 loudspeaker is partnered with a matching TD520SW subwoofer to form a 2.1 system. The latter, which comes in a more conventional cube shape, sports “a brace of 200mm bass drivers firing from the flanks of the sealed cabinet, which is braced by a shaft bridging its motor systems, allowing the units to ‘float’ instead of being attached to the woodwork.” The drivers are powered by an ICEpower digital amp rated at 250W.

Eclipse TD520SW subwoofer (rear view)

To get the best from the pairing, “the rest of system should be reading from the same page,” says Vivian. “Rated at an insensitive 84dB, the extremely un-square Eclipse prefers a muscular, grippy solid-state amp.”

All things suitably matched, Vivian is then suitably blown away. “Here’s a speaker system that renders the walls of the listening room massless and transparent; defines acoustic space and ambiance with near absolute ‘being there’ realism… to be frank, the usual hi-fi descriptors seem somewhat inadequate here.”

“An obvious candidate for the only speaker system you’ll ever need, hotly recommended.”

Read David Vivian’s complete review in the September 2018 issue of Hi-Fi Choice

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Note – review credit, Dan George.