Copywriting & editing

Do your brochures, website and product manuals give strong, clear, consistent messages about your brand and products? Do they set you apart from competitors? Are they based on a solid understanding of your target audience? Does their quality reflect the high quality (and perhaps price) of your products?

Let’s face it, it’s fast-paced world out there and it can be a real challenge to keep track of all the information you’re required to produce.

But if your messages are jumbled, inconsistent or include errors – from poor grammar to out-of-date information – how might this affect customer perceptions of your brand and products?

Fear not, we’d be delighted to help. Our copywriting services include:

·       Communications audit: a full review of your marketing communications to identify strengths and weaknesses and recommend improvements.

·       Hands-on copywriting, editing or proofreading of a wide range of print and online communications. These might include, but aren’t limited to:

brochures – leaflets – website content – press releases – advertising copy – newsletters and mailings – blog and social media posts – product/user manuals – FAQs – sales information for distributors/dealers – company reports – funding applications.

·       Branding and key messages: getting to grips with what sets your brand and products apart from competitors, and developing some strong, clear messages that do you justice.

·       Key guidelines: drafting some easy-to-use guidelines to help you to maintain a consistent voice, language and messages across all your communications, no matter who happens to be writing them.

·       The right image: arranging high quality product and lifestyle photography for print and digital media.

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