Product & market consultancy

Product design, development & market testing

Do you have a great idea for a new product, but want to be sure it’s right for the current market? Are you unsure about which features and benefits will make the strongest impact, or concerned about getting the pricing right? Or have you developed a prototype and want to test market reactions before going live?

We can help with:

  • Reviewing the market: current needs and trends, market size and growth, gaps in the market, competitor activity.
  • Product design consultancy: features and benefits, styling, price points.
  • Evaluating your existing product range: overall ‘mix’ and ‘fit’, any gaps, overlaps and possible extensions, relative market positioning.
  • Prototype evaluation, pre-launch product testing and feedback: expert review and analysis of features and benefits, performance, competitor analysis, market positioning.

Sales & distribution

Whether you’re thinking about entering a new market or looking to improve your sales performance in an existing one, we can help you evaluate current and potential routes to market, including:

  • Reviewing distributor and dealer mix.
  • Advice on sourcing good quality distributors and dealers.
  • Exploring alternative routes to market.
  • How different routes to market affect pricing strategies and how to avoid conflicts of interest.
  • Recommendations and contacts for entering international markets.
  • Training sales agents to set up and demonstrate your products to optimum performance levels.

Venturing in new directions

Are you starting from scratch with a whole new venture, or perhaps taking a slightly different direction with a new product or market? Or have you been operating for a while, but feel it’s time to take stock and review what’s working well, what could be improved and whether there are some new opportunities you could explore?

Whether you’d like some help in turning a blank page into a business plan, or you just want someone to bounce a few ideas off over a coffee or a Skype chat, why not drop us a line?

We can:

  • Guide you through the process of developing a new product/market strategy, or reviewing and refining an existing one. We’re good at asking those awkward questions – the ones which flag up things you really want to give some careful thought to before moving forward (and yes, we’ve saved a few people from potentially bad investments as a result).
  • Help you clarify potential demand for your product or idea. What sets it apart from what’s already out there? What are competitors doing? What are factors driving consumer demand, both now and in the foreseeable future?
  • Assess your various marketing communications (website, product manuals, brochures, point of sale displays, advertising copy, etc) to ensure they’re clear, consistent and getting the right messages across to your target market.
  • Review your product range, its strengths and weaknesses, pricing, current market position and future potential.

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