We’re fully focused on hi-fi

While some consumer tech PR agencies cover everything from headphones to home cinema, we focus exclusively on high-performance audio (or hi-fi, as in ‘high fidelity’). Of course we keep an attentive eye on the wider consumer tech sector, but we like to think that staying focused gives us the edge when it comes to in-depth market expertise. Speaking of which…

We know the market

All audio markets aren’t the same. The hi-fi market is made up of knowledgeable, engaged enthusiasts who are passionate about both music and technology. They’re a discerning crowd, and one that often needs a different approach to that for mass market audio or for luxury tech brands.

What’s more, the hi-fi market’s changing rapidly. One minute digital dominates, the next, analogue sales are at an all-time high.

We have a strong understanding of what underpins long-term success in this market, founded on more than 25 years’ industry experience. We’ve seen, and continue to see, what works and what doesn’t. And we’re constantly refreshing our market knowledge through keen dialogue with manufacturers, press and distributors in the UK and internationally.

We’re well connected

How do you know who’s the right reviewer for your product, given different people’s sonic and musical preferences? Where do you find the best quality distributors and dealers? How do you launch a product in a new country where you don’t know the key players in the market?

When you work with David Denyer PR, you’ll benefit from access to the full range of connections we’ve fostered during our 25 years in audio markets.

We have excellent relationships with the hi-fi print and online press – from managing editors to freelance reviewers, many of whom have become firm friends over the years. We equally have a sound knowledge of the UK dealer and distributor network and its strengths and weaknesses, as well as access to colleagues with similar knowledge of international markets.

We’re on your team

Four words you’ll never hear from us: “that’s not my job” (although we may draw the line at babysitting your kids or landscaping the garden).

Managing a small-to-medium-sized business can be daunting. Suddenly you need to be an expert in just about everything from sales to web design and more. Inevitably there’ll be some areas you enjoy and feel confident in, and others where you don’t. Often you just won’t have the time to handle everything yourself. Which is why we’re happy to assist wherever we can.

When we meet with our clients, we don’t just talk about PR. More often than not, we’ll chat through new product ideas, brand names or aspects of product design. Sometimes we’ll discuss market developments and challenges such as the shrinking network of high quality dealers and options for alternative routes to market. Or we might explore opportunities for collaborative projects with other companies to share expertise and reduce costs.

In short, we like to think we represent your business with the same level of enthusiasm, care and attention as if it were our own.

We keep it real

PR is often associated with ‘spin’ but that’s not our approach. We believe in something a bit more genuine: real expertise, real enthusiasm and real relationships.

We’re straight talking and honest about what we can achieve. In fact, if we think there’s someone else who could better represent your particular brand, then we’ll say so up front!

We also have a firm policy of fair and realistic fees. We don’t charge the maximum we can get away with. Nor do we spend your hard-earned cash on wooing the press with champagne lunches. We build relationships the old fashioned way: by doing what we do well and by being easy to work with.

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