Client testimonials

“David Denyer PR has been invaluable to CAD, helping us to frame our brand image, finesse new products and maintain a strong presence in the media.

“David has also helped us to expand our network of dealers in the UK, develop new collaborative relationships in the industry and get the right reviews for our products. All of this is delivered with amazing enthusiasm and good humour (and access to his fabulous music collection!).

“With his many years in the industry, his creative ideas and discerning ears for sound, David provides a service that combines conventional PR with a great deal more. For a lean operation like ours where time is tight, it has been an ideal partnership.”

Scott Berry, Computer Audio Design


“David Denyer PR has successfully cast our company image as a top notch electronics manufacturer and strategically positioned our brand for sales growth in the UK.

“David’s efforts to gain an in-depth knowledge of our products and corporate mission, together with a unique ability to communicate this knowledge with the press and public, have made a pivotal impact on public perception of Aesthetix.”

Jim White, CEO, Aesthetix Audio


“DDPR was instrumental in establishing the IsoTek brand of power conditioners in the company’s first years.

“David Denyer has the unique skill of being able to quickly understand new brands and help grow their presence within the specialist audio marketplace. The level of personal commitment, intelligent input, dedication and care is rare in the current PR market.”

Keith Martin, Founder & Managing Director, IsoTek


Naim logo“Our media presence increased, our brand awareness grew, our website statistics accelerated…”

“During the late 1990s, Naim Audio embarked on an ambitious plan to grow the business, and we understood the contribution of good PR. We felt that we needed a fresh approach to the market and David Denyer PR brought this.

“Moving from our previous ad-hoc interface with known hi-fi magazines to proper PR representation took us to a completely different level. Our media presence increased, our brand awareness grew beyond our usual comfort zone, our website statistics accelerated at a surprising rate and contact from outside our usual world increased. Just what we needed.

“The ability of good PR to help grow a business is paramount, and David Denyer PR’s contribution to the market position enjoyed by Naim today should never be overlooked.

Doug Graham, World Sales Manager, Naim Audio


Kudos Audio logo“David Denyer PR has been instrumental in helping the Kudos brand to grow year-on-year, which it has done steadily since we’ve been working together.

“As well as arranging excellent reviews in the press, Dave has provided useful input on marketing decisions, liaised with web designers to help improve our website, arranged product photographers and produced a range of marketing copy.

“He has also helped with product prototype evaluation, giving constructive input on visual design and the fine-tuning of a product. Of course he has impeccable taste: he uses Kudos speakers after all!

“In addition, Dave has provided valuable advice on changes of staff and management, and on sales channels and distributors. Overall, he has worked with me almost as if he was my business partner, providing caring and conscientious input while always respecting my vision for the business.

Derek Gilligan, Managing Director, Kudos Audio


Sound Fowndations logo“Always proactive and positive” “First choice for PR”

“Prior to setting up Sound Fowndations, I worked with Dave at Activ Distribution. I was impressed with the job he did for IsoTek, taking it from a start-up company to become one of the world leaders in its field. I also found him a very likeable guy to work with, so he was first choice for PR when I set up my own business.

“In our first year we won several major press awards for Furutech, a brand which had almost no market presence before we took it over, but which is now becoming a major player.

“Dave knows the market and the products extremely well and takes great care to create strong relationships with both clients and press. His approach is always proactive and positive. And after all these years, he’s still a hi-fi enthusiast with a deep love for music – which is, after all, why we’re all in this business.”

Chris Green, Managing Director, Sound Fowndations


Icon Audio logo

“Using David Denyer PR is one of the best moves Icon Audio has ever made.

“Prior to this, getting publicity was difficult for a small company like ours. David has an excellent grip on the hi-fi, audio and associated industries and his knowledge and contacts are ideally placed to help us market our products and brands.

“I’d have no hesitation in recommending DDPR’s services. I’m sure that our investment in them has been repaid many times in terms of building Icon Audio’s success and reputation.

David J Shaw, CEO, Icon Audio


Track Audio logo“Dave’s industry knowledge and contacts have been invaluable: we’ve gained numerous excellent reviews in the hi-fi press.

“Dave also assisted us in designing and placing advertisements in key publications, and produced a very stylish product brochure featuring stunning images from one of the best photographers in the business.

“He helped us to set our prices and margins, and to forge great relationships with new dealers, distributors and manufacturing partners.

“Our thanks to Dave for all of his help in establishing the Track Audio brand and its range of products.

Mike Butler, Track Audio


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