Press testimonials

“An expert who understands audio”

“For a clear and consistent link with the press, Dave Denyer is a top player. Easy to speak to and deal with, he gets product to us with a minimum of fuss and ensures it flows through our review process smoothly by offering consistent backup, start to finish. An expert who understands audio, Dave Denyer is a pleasure to work with.”

Noel Keywood
Publisher, Hi-Fi World

“professionalism combined with passion”

“If you’re looking for professionalism combined with passion, talk to Dave. He only deals with products that he personally believes in, and this clearly comes through when you talk to him. He’s one of the few PR people out there who ardently listens to and enjoys music which is, after all, the point of hi-fi, isn’t it?”

Paul Rigby
Contributor, Hi-Fi World

“always shows a deep understanding of clients’ products”

“As a hi-fi magazine editor of a decade’s standing, I‘ve worked with David Denyer for many years. I’ve always found him courteous and efficient, and his client knowledge is a particular strength. He’s very conscientious about the brands he represents and always shows a deep understanding of their products, which is not always the way with PRs.”

David Price
Contributor, Hi-Fi Choice, The Times & The Huffington Post & Former Editor, Hi-Fi Choice & Hi-Fi World

“in-depth understanding of the audio market and a performance-orientated approach”

“As an editor/reviewer I’m bombarded with PR material – and most of it’s useless! I need much more than your basic product information. I need to know that a product’s pricing, routes to market, availability for review and to the public are all clearly defined. There’s a lot more to marketing than just making a great-sounding product.

“Getting the right product to the right magazine requires an in-depth understanding of the audio market and of relevant distribution and retail channels. This knowledge is at least as important as the sonic merits or features of the product in question. Without it, it’s possible to waste a lot of time on equipment that isn’t market-ready, has no sales strategy or worst of all, never actually makes it into the shops.

“I’ve known and worked with David Denyer for nearly three decades. His experience in retail, product representation and PR means that I know I can rely on his judgment. His insistence on bringing every unit to me, and on installing and explaining it personally, is invaluable. I also know that the practicalities will all be in place. At a time when the market is fracturing and existing sales models are under threat, his pragmatic, performance-orientated approach to high-quality products is both rare and something that, as a performance-orientated publication, we can count on.

Roy Gregory
Editor (Europe), The Audio Beat
& Former Editor, Hi-Fi Plus

“highly professional and easy to work with”

“I’ve known Dave for most of the 25 years I’ve been in hi-fi and have always found him to be highly professional and easy to work with. He’s one of the few PRs in the business who loves good hi-fi and has great taste in music, both of which are immediately apparent to reviewers.

“You can rely on him to get kit out on time and to provide all the necessary information that’s required for the review process. He also knows how to install and set up equipment so that it performs at its best, a role that many of his competitors wouldn’t even consider.”

Jason Kennedy
Freelance Writer; Editor, The Ear
& Former Editor, Hi-Fi Choice

“gets results… doesn’t deliver average”

“David Denyer PR is not your average public relations operation. Dave gets results through excellent product knowledge and a real belief that the brands and products he represents are worth shouting about from the treetops. His heartfelt dedication to high-performing products means that he doesn’t deliver average.”

Andrew Harrison
Contributor, Hi-Fi Plus, Hi-Fi Critic

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