Introducing Icon Audio’s first stereo power amplifier: the 60P MkIIIm


The Icon Audio Stereo 60P MkIIIm is a high-powered stereo amplifier designed to get the very best performance from virtually any pre-amplifier, whether it is valve, hybrid, transistor, transformer or passive.

With no input selector or volume control, it is a pure power amplifier in which the input socket is directly connected to the grid of the first valve.

The massive power supply, low distortion tertiary (LDT) output transformers, and the excellent KT120 valve combine to produce a ground-shaking 80 watts per channel. Ideal for users seeking a very fast and dynamic sound, the ST60P MkIIIm will deliver the power of rock music and the finest detail of modern recordings without harshness. Some audiophiles prefer the sweetness of triode operation. The Stereo 60P MkIIIm is able to change from an ultralinear 80 watt per channel amplifier to a 40 watt triode amplifier at the flick of a switch….

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PRESS RELEASE First Icon Audio stereo power amplifier 60P MkIIIm

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Icon Audio 60P MkIIIm stereo power amplifier
Icon Audio 60P MkIIIm stereo power amplifier