Timestep launch T-01MC phonostage: out of this world technology for in-the-room presence


Timestep are not your average hi-fi manufacturer: they are also internationally renowned designers and manufacturers of state-of-the-art weather satellite systems. Which is one of the reasons why they have such an obsessive attitude towards noise in audio product design.

Timestep believe that a moving coil phonostage, which has to deal with the tiny musical signal from a moving coil cartridge, should be completely free of hum and should preserve every tiny detail of the musical signal. ‘Low noise’ is not good enough. It is not acceptable in satellite technology, and so nor should it be in true hi-fidelity equipment. Through the application of their extraordinary skills and experience, Timestep are delighted to announce the launch of the new T-01MC moving coil phono stage….

Download full press release:

PRESS RELEASE Timestep launch T-01MC phonostage

Download high resolution images:
Timestep T-01MC phonostage
Timestep T-01MC phonostage

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