Icon Audio launch new flagship integrated amplifier: the pure triode push-pull Stereo 845


Could this be the ultimate pure triode push-pull integrated amplifier? Award-winning valve amp specialists Icon Audio have pulled out all the stops to produce their brand new flagship integrated amp for 2014, the Stereo 845.

The Stereo 845 has been painstakingly designed for audiophiles who love the sublime quality of the legendary 845 valve with its big, warm and detailed sound, but who don’t need high power or may not have the space for two large monoblocks and a pre-amp.

It features four matched 845 valves, two 6SL7 first stage valves, two 6SN7 output driver valves and a GZ34 driver stage rectifier. The 845 valve, already the star of Icon Audio’s hugely successful MB845 monoblocks, is renowned for delivering tremendous dynamics and powerful bass giving it a live sound quality that many find irresistible.

In the Stereo 845, Icon Audio have deliberately allowed the valves to operate in a much more relaxed manner, being only pushed to produce 40 watts. “Forty watts is ample power to obtain a high volume in most situations,” says David Shaw, Icon Audio’s founder and designer. “Surprisingly, the difference in maximum volume capability between a 100-watt and a 40-watt amp is only 3.9db”. This means that the valves are not stressed at all and every component within the Stereo 845 is operating within its comfort zone. This result is a product with exceptional consistency and reliability. But it’s the enviable sonic performance where the real magic lies….

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PRESS RELEASE Icon Audio launch new Stereo 845 flagship integrated amplifier

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Icon Audio Stereo 845 integrated amplifier
Icon Audio Stereo 845 integrated amplifier