Gamut release ‘RS’ Revised Superior Series of loudspeakers


Gamut, Danish manufacturers of phenomenally musical hi-fi systems, have unveiled the latest editions of their flagship loudspeakers: the Revised Superior Series.

The no holds barred ‘El Superiores’ or ‘S-Series’ from Gamut were undeniably some of the finest loudspeakers ever created. Originally released in 2007, the series comprised four models: the S3, S5, S7 and S9, each designed with a total focus on performance and sacrificing absolutely nothing to cost. They scaled new heights in musicality relaying the true character and harmonic structure of voices, instruments and the recording environment to an astonishing degree, and deservedly became widely regarded as truly state-of-the art.

Gamut’s development team has spent the past couple of years working on research and development to further evolve the S-Series’ performance. The brief they gave themselves was simple but bold: “let’s take sound staging to a level where nobody’s been before”.

Previewed at a number of audio shows in the latter part of 2013, the new Revised Superior (or RS) Series is the next evolution….

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PRESS RELEASE Gamut release RS Revised Superior Series of loudspeakers

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Gamut RS9 loudspeaker - shown on stage
Gamut RS9 loudspeaker – shown on stage