Rethinking the phonostage: Clearaudio extend the state of the art with two exciting innovations


Introducing the Absolute Phono and Absolute Phono Inside… could this little duo be a pair of world firsts? Another ground-breaker from German analogue innovators Clearaudio: two ways to solve the problem of a small signal making a long journey.

Consider your standard phonostage set-up. The delicate musical output signal generated within the cartridge has to travel down the internal tonearm wiring and along the external arm lead before it reaches the phonostage, at which point it is amplified and then equalized before being fed out to the preamplifier. This signal is both very small and very sensitive, hence susceptible to electrical interference at all stages of its journey from the cartridge to, and through, the phonostage.

The solution? A radical review of the fundamentals of phonostage design. Clearaudio’s engineers have been working on just that and, after much rethinking, reworking and refining, they are poised to advance the state of the art with not one, but two new phono stages….

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PRESS RELEASE Rethinking the phonostage – Clearaudio Absolute Phono and Absolute Phono Inside

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