Transfiguration Proteus phono cartridge scoops Positive Feedback Writers’ Choice Award

Online audio forum Positive Feedback has just announced the winners of its 12th Annual Writers’ Choice Awards, in which the forum’s writers and editors recognize “superior merit in the audio arts”.

Among the ‘best of the best’ in 2015 is the Proteus phono cartridge from Japanese high-end brand Transfiguration.

Positive Feedback logoEach year, Positive Feedback’s writers and reviewers are given broad leeway to cite excellence in fine audio wherever they find it – whether in products, people, recordings or events.

Senior Assistant Editor Danny Kaey singled out the Transfiguration Proteus, noting that while, in his 14 years as a reviewer, many a cartridge has come and gone, Transfiguration’s models have stood the test of time.

Transfiguration Proteus MC cartridge
Transfiguration Proteus MC cartridge

“Proteus exudes all the qualities you’d expect from a top line cartridge,” writes Kaey; “delicacy, transparency, dynamic resolve and fidelity are all hallmarks of great sounding cartridges – add musicality, a dash of warmth and tone and DK has a new favorite to tap to.”

Transfiguration cartridges are masters of natural musicality.  Their exclusive patented yokeless ring-magnet generator construction places the moving coil at the focal point of the magnetic flux field, leading to a new level of focus and natural resolution due to the reduction of phase errors generated by the standard magnet-with-pole-pieces construction of other cartridges.

The Proteus is Transfiguration’s top-of-range model. It is designed to lack any of its own character, adding nothing to the recording and extracting every last detail from the record’s groove.  By lowering the internal impedance down to only 1 ohm, it can reproduce music with outstanding transparency and realism.

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