Audio Analogue Puccini Anniversary zero feedback integrated amplifier


20 years ago Audio Analogue introduced to the world the original Puccini integrated amplifier. It rapidly developed a reputation as one of the finest sounding and superb value amps on the market, delivering high-end performance at a fraction of the cost normally associated with such hi-fi components. It was Audio Analogue’s very first product; the Puccini launched the brand and put the company’s name firmly on the high-end audio map.

To celebrate this anniversary Audio Analogue have created the Puccini Anniversary, a genuine zero feedback design developed by the specialist AirTech R&D department within the Audio Analogue family.

The brief was to create the best Puccini ever – a product that would achieve another landmark turning point in Audio Analogue’s history and pave the way to future products: new, no-compromise designs that would marry analogue musicality with advanced technologies, while remaining true to Audio Analogue’s commitment to providing excellent value for money….

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PRESS RELEASE Audio Analogue Puccini Anniversary zero feedback integrated amplifier

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