Hi-Fi News celebrates Audio Analogue’s Puccini Anniversary amp

Hi-Fi News June 2016

“What is it with the Italians?” asks James Parker in the latest issue (June 2016) of Hi-Fi News.

“Maybe it’s the connection with great music, but Italian-made audio has always had the ability to set itself apart,” he surmises.

The object of Parker’s affections is, in this case, the recently-launched Puccini Anniversary integrated amplifier from Italian hi-fi brand Audio Analogue. As the name suggests, its creation has been timed to mark a milestone: the twentieth anniversary of both the brand and its first product, the original Puccini amp.

Described as a ‘zero feedback integrated amplifier’, the original Puccini has gone through a number of iterations over the years, but Parker recalls its debut. “What really set the Puccini apart form its competition at the time was the sound: it was almost impossible to provoke the little Italian amp into sounding rough or harsh, and as a result it was soon acclaimed….”

So how does the new Anniversary edition measure up?

HFN Highly Commended“The Anniversary integrated amp not only lives up to its billing but goes beyond it, with an especially impressive dynamic power performance.”

“What is beyond a doubt is that the Puccini Anniversary keeps your speakers under strict control. It uses its power to ensure they start and stop in a precise manner, and thus enhances their ability to image and focus a soundstage, while at the same time keeping rhythm sections as tight as they are rich.”

Sounds good to us! Read the full review in the June 2016 issue of Hi-Fi News.

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