Furutech introduce top-of-line NanoFlux NCF power cable & NanoFlux speaker cable


Japanese cable experts Furutech’s recently-developed ‘Alpha Nano-Au-Ag’ OCC conductor is among the best that the brand’s engineers have ever conceived for sound reproduction. Not surprising, then, that it underpins the brand’s new top-of-line power and speaker cables.

The highly specialized manufacturing process of this ultra-high performer begins with Furutech’s world renowned Alpha-OCC conductor which, after undergoing a patented two-step cryogenic freeze and demagnetization process for superior signal transfer, is treated with Furutech’s finely-tuned transmission enhancer, Nano Liquid.

Nano Liquid features a precise ratio of tiny gold and silver particles (approximately 8 nano-meters or 8/1,000,000th of a millimetre in diameter) that finely coat the conductor, filling up and smoothing out any microscopic concave-convex areas left on the conductor’s surface during the production process and thus providing a greater contact surface.

Furutech’s engineers found that the precise ratio of gold and silver particles and of the dispersing Squalene oil used in the Nano Liquid had a notable effect on sound reproduction, and undertook extensive tests before settling on their final, very specific ratio.

The brand’s new top-of-line NanoFlux NCF power cable and NanoFlux speaker cable are built around the ultra-high performance Alpha Nano-Au-Ag OCC conductor.

The NanoFlux NCF power cable also includes Furutech’s new and unique NCF piezo ceramic series connectors. Recent winners of Enjoythemusic.com’s 2016 High-End Top 10 Award, they feature several breakthrough construction techniques….

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PRESS RELEASE Furutech introduce top-of-line NanoFlux NCF power cable & NanoFlux speaker cable

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