Is this some kind of record? Clearaudio Concept bags its sixth What Hi-Fi? Award

The 2016 What Hi-Fi? Awards have now been revealed. There are 102 individual winners across 27 categories, showcasing the best hi-fi, home cinema and portable audio products on the market.

“Who would have thought that four decades after What Hi-Fi? was founded in 1976, vinyl would still be going strong?” asks the magazine’s Andy Clough.

And who would’ve thought that, in 2016, one little turntable would be celebrating its sixth win…

whf_awards_2016Huge congratulations to Clearaudio, whose superlative Concept has once again won ‘Best turntable £1,000+’.

“Anyone who treasures their stack of vinyl deserves to know just what delights the Clearaudio has to offer,” said What Hi-Fi?’s most recent review (March 2016). 

“Simplicity is a big part of this package’s charm. Unlike some rival designs, which require patience, a steady hand and a passable grasp of mathematics to get working, the Concept is a ‘plug and play’ product straight from the box.”

Which might leave you thinking there’ll be some degree of compromise when it comes to performance. Think again.

Clearaudio Concept
Clearaudio Concept

“What’s immediately impressive is that it’s so incredibly taut, matching its blistering pace with extraordinary poise and agility; something like the Rudolf Nureyev of £1,000 turntables.”

“As we tear through the opening tracks without pause for breath, we also find it difficult not to be enamoured by the precision of the Concept’s timing. It’s incredibly fast, yet consistently in control, never stumbling or tripping over its laces.”

Add to that an ample sense of space, admirable transparency, dynamics to die for and “a level of detail of which JRR Tolkein would be proud” and you have one heck of a performance, in a simple package, at a great price.

“A Conceptual masterpiece, you could say.”

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