“So much to like”: Raidho’s XT-1 standmount loudspeaker is a Hi-Fi News Editor’s Choice

Raidho’s X-series of loudspeakers speakers have been joined by the new XT-series, featuring enhanced titanium-covered drivers. The new XT-1 is the series’ entry-level mini-monitor. Nick Tate takes it for a spin in the April issue of Hi-Fi News.

Raidho XT-1

“The beating heart of this product is a bespoke 100mm mid/bass unit,” notes Tate. The Raidho X and XT series of loudspeakers are all built around the state-of-the-art Raidho X-driver, which sports a highly compact and magnetically rigid neodymium magnet motor system and an extremely rigid hybrid cone.

Raidho is well-known for using optimised anodising processes to create multi-layer sandwich diaphragms that deliver excellent stiffness and superior internal damping. In the X-driver, an 80-hour electrochemical process encapsulates a relatively soft aluminium core within two extremely stiff ceramic ‘skin’ layers. In the XT-driver, the cone then undergoes a further process in which layers of titanium nitride and pure titanium are deposited on the ceramic surfaces, further enhancing stiffness and damping.

Here, the XT mid/bass driver is partnered with the famous Raidho ribbon tweeter. Described as ‘the foundation of the company’s sound’, its membrane has a mass that’s up to 50 times lower than any dome design, despite its large surface area. It forms the cornerstone of the brand’s entire range, featuring in every model from entry-level to flagship.

“Just a few bars into pretty much any type of music, and it’s apparent that this loudspeaker is exceptionally well-voiced,” writes Tate. “There is so much to like… superlative clarity… great spatial dimensionality, fine dynamics and detailing, and a great sense of musical enjoyment.”

Primarily crafted for smaller rooms, “the XT-1’s bass is small but perfectly formed, and its treble super-classy.” And what of the midband? “Here the loudspeaker impressed most of all. The honey-sweet sound of Grant Green’s gorgeous guitar licks was allowed to play effortlessly alongside the marvellous Hammond organ work… The result was a joyously free and easy sound, and one that translated very well across various different musical genres.”

Read the full review in the April 2017 issue of Hi-Fi News

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To discover the XT-1 for yourself, find your local Raidho dealer via the brand’s UK distributor Decent Audio