“Magnificent control”: Hi-Fi News reviews Audio Analogue’s Maestro Anniversary integrated amplifier

“When you have something to celebrate, it’s worth doing it in style,” writes James Parker in the May issue of Hi-Fi News, referring to Italian amplifier specialist Audio Analogue’s two ‘Anniversary’ models to mark the brand’s two decades in the business.

Having previously been impressed by the Puccini Anniversary, the magazine’s review team now turns its attention to the Maestro Anniversary. At “twice the size and double the power” of the Puccini, will the Maestro be “doubly entertaining?”

“This is the Puccini Anniversary writ large,” writes Parker, “with an extra sense of power and poise about the presentation that makes it an even easier listen, so effortlessly does the amplifier seem to handle anything thrown at it.”

Audio Analogue Maestro Anniversary silver side view

“The big, magnificent sound here is hard to resist, giving that sense of the electronics being completely in control of the speakers driven.”

But ‘big’ does not mean brutish – far from it. With a clean, precise recording such as Mike Oldfield’s recent Return to Ommadawn, “the Maestro Anniversary is very much in its element… the sound is simply packed with detail, but even with the powerful drumming the Maestro keeps things tight and clean while still offering chest-thumping bass.”

Audio Analogue Maestro Anniversary top view

“This precision and definition, while still maintaining scale and weight, is very much in evidence with the epic Rolling Stones in Mono box set… It’s All Over Now just explodes out of the speakers and keeps on giving.”

“The Maestro Anniversary is just as adept with close-focused jazz of the ‘brushes on skin, resonant bass and delicate piano’ school, but it’s also very capable with sweeping orchestral works… that rich, warm bass allied to the clarity and precision in the midband and treble ensures both fine insight and an excellent sense of presence.”

The Hi-Fi News verdict? A ‘Highly Commended’ badge of approval.

Read the full review of the Audio Analogue Maestro Anniversary integrated amplifier in the May 2017 issue of Hi-Fi News.

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