“The last word in vinyl care”: Ken Kessler reviews Clearaudio’s Double Matrix Professional Sonic record cleaning machine for The Telegraph

Vinyl might be enjoying an apparently unstoppable resurgence right now, but do we know what we’re doing with it?

“As I looked around a local shop on Record Store Day last month, it occurred to me that an entire generation (or three) has no idea how to handle vinyl LPs,” writes Ken Kessler in The Telegraph. “Lulled into a false sense of security by CDs, and later by downloads, they have no idea that a music storage format can be perishable.”

So how does one keep on top of all the dirt, dust, chemical residues and oil from fingerprints that threaten to dull the quality of, and shorten the life of, our beloved vinyl records? 

“For the past few years, and well before the ‘revival’ began, hard-core vinyl LP users have been treating their records to ultrasonic cleaning,” notes Kessler.

Clearaudio Double Matrix Professional Sonic – front view

Of the various ultrasonic record cleaning machines currently on the market, Kessler singles out Clearaudio’s Double Matrix Professional Sonic as being one of the easiest to use while at the same time offering an enviable raft of cleaning options.

“Clearaudio has engineered the DMPS to provide both one-touch automatic and manual operation. With the latter, the user can control each step in the process with a user-friendly operating panel, including the direction of the disc’s rotation. The machine cleans both sides of an LP at once, and the cleaning head automatically adapts to records of different diameters and thicknesses.”

Clearaudio Double Matrix Professional Sonic – controls detail

And when it comes to effectiveness, as Kessler notes, “As Clearaudio has been making turntables, tonearms and cartridges for decades, it understands exactly what is going on at a molecular level.” Job done.

In short, “For serious collectors with large libraries (as well as used vinyl specialists), such a machine is essential.”

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