Be my baby: Hi-Fi Choice reviewer David Price falls in love with Raidho’s compact XT-1 standmount loudspeaker

Danish brand Raidho is world-renowned for its high-end, flagship loudspeakers. But what you may not realize is just how well the company also does compact and bijou. David Price checks out the entry-level end of the range, in the form of the diminuitive XT-1 standmount model.

The specific product under scrutiny is the latest, improved version of Raidho’s XT-1 mini-monitor with a newly upgraded mid-bass driver.

Raidho XT-1 in black finish

At the heart of the renowned Raidho sound is the brand’s unique sealed ribbon tweeter design, which employs an array of neodymium magnets to create an extremely powerful force field in which an ultra thin membrane – some 50 times lighter than a conventional dome design – is suspended. In the XT-1, this is coupled with the newly upgraded 100mm Ceramix titanium (hence the ‘T’ in ‘XT’) mid-bass driver. Its compact and magnetically rigid neodymium magnet motor system drives a multi-layered cone; the latter is a hybrid construction comprising seven layers of ceramic/aluminium/titanium, hence is extremely stiff and has excellent damping properties.

“I’ve been a fan of Raidho speakers for a good long time – and find its top-of-the-range designs hugely impressive,” writes Price. “So it doesn’t come as a complete surprise to find myself rather beguiled by the XT-1. Indeed it has many of the benefits of the far more expensive flagship models – such as that gorgeous tweeter – at a much lower price.”

Raidho XT-1 in detail

With a mini-monitor you’re always going to sacrifice some degree of bass response, but then those in the market for a compact standmount “are not likely to worry” since the XT-1 “is designed for smaller rooms where a deep extended bass will be more of a hindrance than a help.” “The upside is that unlike most designs of similar dimensions, the XT-1 copes with being small really rather well.” Most small speakers, if driven hard, “compress badly and really seem like they’re struggling. With the XT-1, I am surprised just how well it holds up with large amounts of input power; it’s a robust little thing.”

“In a nutshell, it is smooth and sophisticated, yet enjoyable, punchy and propulsive.”

“Due to its dinky dimensions it doesn’t impose itself on the room, preferring instead to melt into it; this done, it’s able to throw out a large and engulfing soundstage. From upper bass to high treble, everything sounds subtle and finely etched and there’s no shoutiness in any part of the frequency spectrum.”

“Texturally the XT-1 is truly superb, really giving a sense of the moment that the music was made and the instruments that were used.”

“Spacious, expressive, lucid, fluid, open and musical – there is so much to like… Anyone looking to get their hands on one of the best baby speakers around really needs to hear this one.”

Discover more about the Raidho XT-Series and find your nearest dealer from UK distributor Decent Audio

Read David Price’s full review in the ‘Choice Exotica’ feature of the February 2018 issue of Hi-Fi Choice