“Detail delivered with panache”: Furutech’s flagship NanoFlux speaker cable is Hi-Fi News Editor’s Choice

The link between speakers and amplifiers is one of the most critical in a system. Fortunately Japanese hi-fi cable and accessories expert Furutech knows a thing or two about achieving the purest possible signal transmission. “It’s all about the copper,” says Hi-Fi News editor Paul Miller, who puts the brand’s flagship speaker cable to the text in the magazine’s March issue.

Let’s jump right to the audition. “The broadest of musical soundscapes… spilled out into the room with an easiness that bordered on luxuriant,” writes Miller. “Smooth and breezy detail [is] delivered with panache. Just as the very best systems should.”

So what’s the secret? Perhaps not the geometry of the Furutech NanoFlux cable which, as Miller notes, “is fairly conventional”, as is the multi-strand conductor construction and the polyethylene dielectric that binds it. “The carbon-fibre sleeving of those bright, rhodium-plated plugs/spades and ferrite clamp certainly adds to the exquisite finish of these supremely well built cables, but it’s what you can’t see that makes all the difference.”

Furutech NanoFlux speaker cable

What you can’t see are Furutech’s own proprietary Alpha-Nano-Au-Ag OCC Pure Transmission Conductors. The highly specialized manufacturing process of these ultra-high performers begins with Furutech’s world renowned Alpha-OCC conductor which, after undergoing a patented two-step cryogenic freeze and ring demagnetization process for superior signal transfer, is treated with Furutech’s finely-tuned transmission enhancer, Nano Liquid.

Nano Liquid features a precise ratio of tiny gold and silver particles (approximately 8 nano-meters or 8/1,000,000th of a millimetre in diameter) that finely coat the conductor, filling up and smoothing out any microscopic concave-convex areas left on the conductor’s surface during the production process, and thus providing a greater contact surface.

The verdict? If you’re still sceptical about just how much difference a high quality cable can make, prepare for a rethink. “There’s more science than snake oil at work here,” concludes Miller. “Gratifyingly, the sound quality it promotes is as refined as the processing, buffing your system with a final polish.”

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Read Paul Miller’s full review in the March 2018 issue of Hi-Fi News