Hi-Fi News highly commends Metaxas & Sins’ modular Macrophone standmount loudspeaker

“We are in a new era where hair-shirt-finished-and-styled hardware with five-figure price tags no longer cuts it,” says Ken Kessler in the March issue of Hi-Fi News. Fortunately, design-savvy hi-fi brand Metaxas & Sins places as much attention on styling as it does on superb sound. It’s in good company, notes Kessler, as he reviews the Macrophone standmount loudspeaker.

The ‘good company’ in question includes Ferrari and Lamborghini, both of which “had to raise their games from their historical ‘performance first, styling second and to hell with everything else’ attitude.” In fact, makers of pretty much any high-ticket hardware from sunglasses to fridges “have come to realise that their products need to do more than just meet the advertised levels of performance.”

Metaxas Macrophones

Eyeing up a pair of Metaxas’ new Macrophone standmounts, Kessler is impressed. “These speakers are simply gorgeous,” he enthuses. The pair under review is metallic red but the Macrophone can be finished in any colour available, anodised or automotive. “So, yes, you can get it to match your Bugatti Chiron.”

“The metallic design may be achingly modern but it’s also curvaceous and organic. They simply look cool, in the manner of anything from Apple.”

The Macrophone’s two-piece CNC-machined alloy cabinet houses a 1-inch ceramic Accuton tweeter and 6-inch mid-bass driver, “chosen for virtues that include speed, attack, accuracy and robustness.”

As Kessler settles in for a good listen, he begins by throwing down the gauntlet with ‘Give The People What They Want’ from The O’Jays’ Ultimate O’Jays on CD, an aggressive track that open with hi-hat and drums followed by ultra-funk bass. “The speed was dazzling, with no unwanted splash from the cymbals. The bass was rich, leaning toward the dry (just as I like it) and the vocals were crystal-clear, with ample textures and no sibilance.”

Moving on to BB King’s Blues In My Heart, “the legendary ‘Lucille’ [King’s guitar] was as lushly liquid as a guitar can sound, while the drums has that uniquely trashy quality that only true blues drummers can muster.”

Modular Macrophones

For those seeking more bass than can be reasonably expected from a compact standmount, the Macrophones are modular in nature, featuring “an upgrade path that will allow [them] to grow into a state-of-the-art floorstanding system.” So “if deep bass is part of your diet, then include that add-on module in your plans”.

Discover more at https://www.metaxas.uk

Read Ken Kessler’s full review in the March 2018 issue of Hi-Fi News