What Hi-Fi? vinyl special: Clearaudio Concept & Innovation are two of “15 of the best decks you can buy”

“Budget, staggeringly expensive, ripping or old-school…” – there’s a deck for everyone in the July issue of What Hi-Fi? And two of the fifteen five-star masterpieces listed are from German analogue experts Clearaudio: the £995 ‘Concept MM’ and £17,330 ‘Innovation Wood’.

A conceptual masterpiece

“A thoroughly sorted, easy-to-own package with tremendous sound. What more do you want, jam on it?” writes What Hi-Fi? of Clearaudio’s multi-award winning ‘plug & play’ Concept turntable. So successful has the Concept’s concept proved to be, in fact, that the company now offers the package in a variety of editions and options. Here, it comes with Clearaudio ‘Verify Direct Wire Plus’ tonearm and ‘Concept MM’ cartridge.

Clearaudio Concept

“What’s impressive is that it’s so incredibly taut, matching its blistering pace with extraordinary poise and agility. It’s like the Rudolf Nureyev of turntables… refusing to sand off any edges that would dilute the character of the music, instead digging into the timbre of the instruments to let them tell their own story.”

“You could almost say it’s a conceptual masterpiece.”

Precision engineering

Clearaudio Innovation Wood

Moving up to the premium category, Clearaudio’s Innovation model doesn’t fail to impress. “The price seems almost sensible considering the performance, engineering and sheer quality on offer… this is an astonishingly well built turntable that combines rugged build with exceptional quality of fit and finish. Even by the standards of stratospherically priced kit, this package is something special.”

The package in question is the Innovation ‘Wood’, whose chassis features a resonance-damping sandwich of aluminium and Panzerholz wood, combined with a Universal tonearm and DaVinci V2 phono cartridge. “This trio is world-class. There’s a real feeling that the three components are digging up every tiny bit of information from the record groove. All this content is skilfully organised and delivered with breathtaking composure.”

“There’s a feeling of precision engineering that few rivals we’ve used can match.”

Check out What Hi-Fi?’s vinyl special in the magazine’s July 2018 issue www.whathifi.com

Find out more about Clearaudio’s range of high-performance turntables including the Concept and Innovation visit www.clearaudio.de

To track down your nearest Clearaudio dealer contact UK distributor www.soundfowndations.co.uk