Getting reel: the latest reviews and musings from The Reel-to-Reel Rambler

Last month the team here at David Denyer PR launched a new web blog, The Reel-to-Reel Rambler, which we’re delighted to report has been very enthusiastically received by readers and the hi-fi media.

The site has welcomed almost 1,000 visitors from all over the world in its first month. Of course numbers aren’t everything, but it’s an encouraging start. Good to know we’re not alone in our love of all things open reel!

Here’s a quick round-up of The Rambler’s most recent posts…

‘Decked by tape’: for Ken Kessler, open reel tape has been with him all the way

You might know and love Ken best for his brilliantly frank reviews and acerbic audio opinion pieces, but here he shares a touchingly personal story of his life in tape.

Neville Roberts listens to Chasing The Dragon’s ‘España’ – live, on master tape and direct-cut vinyl

There’s nothing like actually being present at a recording to put you in the best position to review the resulting vinyl LP and copy master tape. Neville Roberts was, and does.

Emotion, wit and stunning transparency: Shostakovich Cello Sonata & Elgar’s Salut d’Amour from UltraAnalogue Recordings

Canada-based UltraAnalogue Recordings has just released 3 new open reel tapes, all recorded at a live concert held in May 2018 featuring star cellist Narek Hakhnazaryan with pianist Benjamin Smith. Dave Denyer reviews one of them.

Putting the ‘ultra’ into analogue: introducing Canada-based UltraAnalogue Recordings

The rambler chats to Edward (Ed) Pong, the man behind Canada-based niche label UltraAnalogue Recordings, about his passion for pursuing peerless sound in his recording processes. 

A lifelong reel obsession: Neville Roberts recalls the tape decks he’s known and loved over the years – and celebrates the R2R revival

Audio journalist and regular Hi-Fi Choice contributor, Neville Roberts, has been fascinated by open reel tape for most of his life. Here, he casts his mind back over the many and varied tape decks he’s shared his life with to date.


And if you’re wondering what it’s all about… you’ll also find on The Reel-to-Reel Rambler: a beginner’s guide to tape.

If you have any R2R questions, comments or ideas burning a hole in your brain, do feel free to drop the rambler a line.