‘Six of the best’ from Ken Kessler, Neville Roberts on an innovative record label, and more…

Catch up with the latest news and reviews over at The Reel-to-Reel Rambler, in which David Denyer and fellow hi-fi journalists delve into the world of tape.

In recent posts, Ken Kessler atones for his sins (well, sort of!), Neville Roberts meets a US audiophile record label that’s doing things a little differently, David Denyer discovers a new recording of an old favourite and UK label Chasing the Dragon makes entry into the world of tape a tad more affordable….

Six of the best: in which Ken Kessler atones for prior tape ‘sins’ by stocking up on vintage decks

Just call it the audiophile’s version of ‘retail therapy’! Discover Ken’s decks of choice and get a glimpse into his well-stocked listening room.

Investing in talented young musicians – Neville Roberts discovers Yarlung Records’ philanthropic approach to recording excellence and checks out a few albums

US-based GRAMMY® award-winning recording label Yarlung Records is all about helping talented young musicians to launch their careers. Neville Roberts chats to the label’s philanthropic founder, and listens to several of the label’s artists and recordings.

Chasing The Dragon copy master tapes now available on 7-inch reels at 7.5ips

Want the sweet, sweet sound of master tape but don’t have a deck that takes 10.5-inch reels or plays at 15ips?  Or just want to spend a bit less on your tapes? Audiophile label Chasing the Dragon now has the solution.

Review: Rimsky-Korsakov’s Shéhérazade from Fonè Records

Dave Denyer gets his hands on a rather special R2R recording of an all-time favourite piece of music, from Italian label Fonè Records.s. 

“The reel deal”: the rambler makes the case for tape in Hi-Fi Choice magazine

“Self-confessed analogue addict Dave Denyer…” (we  can’t argue with that) explains his love of R2R in the magazine’s October issue.


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