“The best at its job”: Hi-Fi World is impressed by DS Audio’s ST-50 stylus cleaner

Keeping your stylus as clean as possible is important if you to want to protect your investment in this delicate piece of kit and to enjoy the full sound quality of your vinyl. But how do you know which is best tool for the job?

DS Audio ST-50 on platter

“My preferred tool is the sticky pad option,” says reviewer Paul Rigby, of which there are plenty of examples that are fine and work well. You place the pad on the platter and lower the cartridge and stylus onto it. The stylus top enters the pad. When you lift the tonearm/ cartridge/stylus back up, the stylus is cleaned.

DS Audio ST-50

DS Audio’s ST-50 is a high-end option priced at £75, which, given the apparent simplicity of the tool and process, some may see as a luxury. “I see it as the best design of its type currently on the market,” writes Rigby.

Why? In short: it “does the job brilliantly”, is easy to use and has a number of value-adding features that make for clever convenience. It’s also a high quality design, looks beautiful and is built to last. “Like anything in life, if you want the best, you pay for it. There’s plenty of reasons why the ST-50 costs a lot but also plenty of reasons why it’s the best at its job.”

The final verdict? “Outstanding”. The full five stars and not a single negative.

Read Paul Rigby’s review in full in the February 2019 issue of Hi-Fi World.

Discover more at www.ds-audio-w.biz and find your nearest dealer via UK distributor Sound Fowndations.