Magneplanar 0.7

Hi-Fi Plus Editor’s Choice Awards 2020: Magnepan’s .7 planar loudspeaker

“Proof that big, high-end sound can come out of more affordable loudspeakers, just as long as they aren’t boxes!” says reviewer Eric Neff of Magnepan’s “innovative” Magneplanar panel design, which uses a two-way quasi ribbon drive unit configuration to make a loudspeaker that looks more like a screen than a speaker.

“ ’Maggie’s’ are routinely used with oodles of power and larger than average listening rooms, but the .7 can be the exception that proves the rule, writes Neff.

The .7 (‘point seven’) is a scaled down version of the brand’s acclaimed 1.7 model, and is designed with the smaller listening room in mind.

The 1.7 was a good benchmark to choose: “Not just the Affordable Loudspeaker of the Year” said The Absolute Sound magazine, “the 1.7 is the affordable loudspeaker of the decade”, while over on CNET, US reviewer Steve Guttenberg described it as “one of the greatest speakers of our new century”.

Magneplanar 0.7
Magneplanar 0.7

Like the 1.7, the .7 is a full range quasi ribbon design, American-made with virtually all American-made parts. The key differences lie in its slightly smaller dimensions and the fact that it is a two-way rather a three-way design. But can this scaled down design still deliver that famous Magnepan sound?

“It’s ability to project a vocal into a roon was stunning,” writes Neff. “The sense of repsence was exceptional. The scale of the backing orchestra was powerful yet properly controlled.”

Conclusion: “You have to hear these things!”

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