“Elite high-end sound quality at a reasonable cost”: The Absolute Sound has a great time with Aesthetix’ Atlas Eclipse mono power amplifiers

“Aesthetix has developed an enviable reputation as a manufacturer of elite components at down- to-earth prices,” writes Don Saltzman in the May/June 2020 issue of US magazine The Absolute Sound, who finds that he brand’s Atlas Eclipse monos are true to that reputation.

The Aesthetix range comes in two series: the top, all-valve, Jupiter series and the hybrid Saturn series, in which solid-state components replace some of the valves to keep costs down, though the Saturn series does remain predominantly valve driven. The Atlas mono power amplifier is part of the latter Saturn series, and the ‘Eclipse’ edition is the latest and best upgrade. It features a valve input stage and a solid-state output stage.

“Talk about a mix of tubes and solid-state: the horns had a body and richness closer to the sound of all-tubes, while the bass was presented with the clarity and control typically exhibited by fine solid-state amps,” writes Saltzman.

“The Eclipse offers many of the sonic advantages of all-tube designs, approaching and sometimes equaling many of those designs in depth and width of soundstage and three-dimensional reproduction of instruments and voices. Moreover, in the low frequencies the Eclipse amps seem to exceed the performance of many tube amplifiers in that they exhibit the power and tight control of high-power solid-state amplification, yet without dryness or loss of instrumental texture.”

“Transparency is pristine – not like a very clear window, but like no window at all between the listener and the music. This utter transparency is a hallmark of all great modern amplifiers, to whose ranks the Eclipse belongs. There is an over-riding sense that you are hearing everything on offer from your musical source, with nothing hiding in the shadows.”

“In terms of sheer power, the Atlas has always been a powerhouse, and the Eclipse version is no exception. ”

“The Eclipse amps also excelled at retrieving the passion of the performance… [they] show-cased the sheer exuberance of the performers; they were clearly having a great time and, as a listener, the fun was contagious.”

“I could, and did, listen for hours on end without fatigue. You know you are on to something good when a new piece of gear prompts you to pull out more and more of your favorite music.”

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