“Streets ahead”: Hi-Fi World is riveted by Magnepan’s small and perfectly priced LRS loudspeaker

“What a proposition!” says Hi-Fi World editor Noel Keywood. “A small panel, magnetic planar loudspeaker for under £1,000. Totally different to all else at this price and quite radical in its sound… in many areas [it’s] streets ahead of conventional box loudspeakers.”

“Little in size and price, but large in sonic impact,” is the conclusion.

At just £995 Magnepan’s new LRS (Little Ribbon Loudspeaker) “is going to have a lot of other loudspeaker manufacturers very worried.”

Magnepan LRS

Why? “Panel loudspeakers are at the exotic end of the hi-fi spectrum… what you get in the LRS are two planar (flat drive) units. Each comprises a Mylar film with aluminium conductors on it. Electrical current passes through these conductors and the resultant magnetic field acts against fixed bar magnets. Sorry for the lecture, but it’s all quite different to the norm and may well become more common in our homes, especially since with a flat panel like the LRS you get something just 1-inch thick.”

The sonic verdict? “Amazingly good. Clearer by far [than conventional box loudspeakers] and with superb sound staging and imaging, also far more coherent so singers and instruments are more ‘one of a piece’”.

“There was also masses of internal detail that was almost a shock.”

“With a different sonic to all else, the LRS I found riveting. Very, very worth hearing. Try and get a demo.”

Read editor Noel Keywood’s full review in the September 2020 issue of Hi-Fi World

The Magnepan LRS is available now, from www.hifisound.co.uk and a select number of independent retailers. Discover more at www.magnepan.comand find your nearest dealer via UK distributor www.decentaudio.co.uk