“Special qualities”: Hi-Fi Plus gets up close and personal with Raidho’s compact TD1.2 loudspeaker

“Listen and you might discover hidden musical gems in the most unlikely places; listen and you might just discover the heights a great guitarist can reach in terms of musical expression,” says Roy Gregory in the October issue of Hi-Fi Plus. “Raidho’s latest two-way is the most evenly balanced small speaker they’ve yet produced.”

Gregory open his review listening to Neil Young’s guitar solo on the track ‘Trans-Am’. It’s “a thing of beauty” and “the perfect end to a near-perfect song.”

Raidho TD-1.2

“Just how perfect you’ll likely not realize until you hear it on a really good system – one that tracks micro dynamics and reveals harmonic textures, one that flows with a natural, unforced sense of pace and timing, that gives the music its own voice and concentrates instead on shading the gaps between the notes. In short a system that uses speakers like the really rather remarkable Raidho TD1.2.”

Later, Gregory tries out the Third Movement in Jan Lisieki’s performance of Beethoven’s First Piano Concerto. “Always a rapid passage, the young Canadian goes at it like he’s trying to set records. The notes arrive so crisply and so closely together that most systems struggle to recover between impulses… Swapping to the TD1.2 – not only does the speaker define the notes AND the gaps between the notes… revealing not just the precise placement and spacing of the notes, but also their weight and the way he accents each phrase, articulating the lines as a whole. Given the breakneck speed at which all of this is happening, the performance of the speaker is almost as impressive as the playing.”

Read the full review in the October 2020 issue of Hi-Fi Plus.

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