MBL chief engineer Jürgen Reis inducted into The Absolute Sound’s High-End Audio Hall of Fame

Jürgen Reis, the brilliant engineer behind MBL of Germany’s celebrated line of loudspeakers and electronics, has been honoured by US audio magazine The Absolute Sound.

“For all his contributions to the building and testing of audio equipment, and the enjoyment of music played back on it, this extraordinary man for all seasons, Jürgen Reis, is hereby inducted into The Absolute Sound’s High-End Hall of Fame,” writes the magazine.

Reis began his career in audio when he was just 14 years old; he needed an amplifier and a loudspeaker for the electric guitar he played in a rock band and, because he didn’t have much money, he decided to make both for himself.

“Using a technical manual to guide him, he bought some second-hand parts and soldered them together. Magically, the amp and speaker worked. It was this experience that set him on the path to earning a degree in electrical engineering.”

After graduating, Reis joined MBL.

MBL Noble line & 111 F loudspeakers

“After a few weeks at the company, Reis asked if he could bring in a preamp he’d made while he was at university in Frankfurt. Since he’d had no fancy measuring equipment, he’d built the preamp on the basis of what he thought and felt ought to be right, and was curious to know how it would perform on MBL’s sophisticated suite of Hewlett-Packard test gear. As it turned out, his preamp measured far better than MBL’s just-released 4010. Mr. Lehnhardt (the “L” in MBL) and Mr. Meletzky (the “M”) were so impressed that they put Reis in charge of developing all future electronics on the spot.”

Read the full story in an extract from The Absolute Sound magazine

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The Hall of Fame

The Absolute Sound’s Hall of Fame was launched in the magazine’s December 2014 issue. Editor Robert Harley had this to say about it:

“In this issue you’ll find a special feature inaugurating what I think is one of the most important initiatives in The Absolute Sound‘s history — creating a high-end audio Hall of Fame. With all the dazzling technological advances that bombard us daily, it’s easy to overlook the individuals who, through technical genius or business acumen (or a combination of both), created the foundational technologies and iconic brands that we take for granted today.

All the inductees into the Hall of Fame share a common trait; they created, often from blank sheets of paper, designs or products that simply didn’t exist before. They pushed forward the state of the art in an attempt to make reproduced music sound more like the real thing. The stories behind those efforts are rich and fascinating, and populated by brilliant and sometimes iconoclastic pioneers. We want to recognize their contributions and celebrate their great achievements. The High-End Audio Hall of Fame was long overdue.”