Who is Cameron Jenkins and what does he know? Discover more about this sound engineer / music producer / label owner turned specialist hi-fi retailer

Cameron Jenkins is the founder of independent record label Stranger Records. His production, songwriting and musician credits include Lana Del Rey, The Verve, Lemon Jelly and The Charlatans. He has his own studio space in the legendary Real World Studios near Bath, from where he now also runs Stranger High Fidelity, a bespoke high-end hi-fi retail service, offering a collection of carefully selected and matched brands.

In this interview, Cameron explains his career journey and shares what the pro world has taught him about home audio – and vice versa. He also shares some insights into what is was like working with John Cale, his views on the relative mindsets of audio engineers and audiophiles, his ‘secret sauce’ for designing the perfect hi-fi system for a client, and his views on the main weakness of any hi-fi system – and how to solve it.

Discover more about Stranger High Fidelity at www.stranger.info