“Get a listen if you can”: Hi-Fi World enjoys Dan Clark Audio’s Aeon 2 Open headphone

Dan Clark Audio’s “sporty-looking” entry-level Aeon 2 planar magnetic headphone is available in both open-backed and closed-back versions. Hi-Fi World’s Martin Pipe takes the former for a test drive and finds it as “fast as the sports car its lines were inspired by”.

Dan Clark Audio Aeon 2 folded with case

But hang on, is this “veritable Brompton of the headphone world” a sports car or a folding bike? Well, a bit of both. Pipe’s ‘Brompton’ reference refers to the Aeon’s intelligently convenient design, from its distinctive ear-shaped cups to its unique titanium headband with patented folding gimbals which allow the full-sized Aeon to fold in on itself to around half the size. It’s cables are detachable for portability and upgradability, and a choice of cables can be specified when ordering.

So that’s the bike analogy. How about the sports car?  “What made the Aeon 2 Open stand out was its agility,” writes Pipe. “Brass instruments were endowed with the well-defined bite that we may remember from pre-Covid live concerts, while fast rhythms stopped and started with precision and freedom from overhang.”

Dan Clark’s designers “have done a bang-up job with the soundstaging performance” too. “Instruments and performers were resolutely locked into the positions expected, the stereo image extending from ear to ear.”

“A rewarding experience… get a listen if you can.”

Read the full review in the June 2021 issue of Hi-Fi World.

Discover more at www.danclarkaudio.com and track down your nearest dealer via UK distributor www.electromod.co.uk