“Truly excellent”: Hi-Fi Choice recommends Furutech’s NCF Clear Line mains optimiser

There’s no shortage of devices that produce RF noise that can interfere with the sound of your hi-fi system. Fortunately, there’s also no shortage of simple, effective and affordable solutions from Furutech.

RFI generated from computers, mobile phones and switched-mode power supplies (such as those often supplied with chargers) is all too easily picked up by the wiring in our homes. To filter out this noise from our mains power supply, Furutech offers a range of solutions featuring its proprietary Nano Crystal2 Formula (NCF) which eliminates static and converts thermal energy into far infrared.

Its NCF Clear Line mains optimizer is a power conditioner that’s entirely passive with no electronics, designed to eliminate electrical and mechanically induced resonances from the power socket and AC circuit via a combination of NCF and air coils.

Furutech NCF Clear Line AC power supply optimizer

Putting it to the test, Hi-FI Choice found “a definite improvement in detail and there’s a subtle drop in any background noise… the bass seems clearer and somehow tighter too.”

To summarise, “the Clear Line is a truly excellent mains cleaner that is extremely easy to fit to any system you may own.”

Read the full article in the ‘Choice Extras’ section of the August 2021 issue of Hi-Fi Choice

Find out more at www.furutech.com and track down your nearest dealer via UK distributor www.soundfowndations.co.uk