RX Reels releases new carbon fibre ‘Studio’ high performance tape reel – at a lower price

PRESS RELEASE: RX Reels’ premium tape reels have been something of a runaway success since their launch in early 2021. So much so that customers are already asking for more. RX Reels has kindly obliged, with the new ‘Studio’ reel. It offers all of the performance of the premium reels, but with a more industrial aesthetic – and a lower price tag.

RX Reels’ new Studio reel is designed with both professional studio engineers and home audiophiles in mind. While the company’s original premium reels are crafted with a focus on looks as well as on high performance, the Studio reel “is all business” says company founder and designer Kevin Root.

Strength and durability
RX Reels are designed to last a lifetime under the most demanding conditions. Their flanges are constructed from 12-ply, aviation-grade carbon fibre, a material stronger than steel and yet lighter than aluminium. The new Studio reel’s clear satin finish reveals the material’s stunning 3K 2×2 weave. These tough 2.3mm thick flanges are scratch-resistant and will not warp or bend.

Twelve screws (six per side) fix the flange firmly to the hub – three to four times the number found in most reels. The custom-built, solid aluminium NAB hub is precision-made to tolerances below two thousands of an inch. Every specification is tested and measured to 100% accuracy in order to ensure hub balance, which in turn improves tape alignment and packing, including at high speeds.

Function-first design
With ease of use in mind, while most flange cut-outs (or ‘windows’) tend to narrow near the hub, RX Reels have cleverly crafted a space large enough for three fingers so that, when threading, holding the tape end against the hub is simply done. What’s more, the hub features a nano-machined textured surface designed to gently grip the end of the tape, making it far less prone to slipping so that threading is quick, easy and minus the risk of damage to the delicate tape – all of which are important details for those who regularly handle tape spools.

Each 10.5-inch, ¼-inch reel is handmade in the Pacific Northwest, USA and is laser-etched with an individual serial number. A laser-etched RX Reels logo on one side can easily be replaced on request with a studio, band or client logo. Delivery includes a durable custom-made storage box with foam insert to protect the reel for years.

Has Root been surprised by how well his reels have taken off? “A little,” he admits. “The reel-to-reel revival, while very real, is never going see demand as great as that for vinyl, so we always knew it would be a niche market,” he says. “But reviews and sales of our reels have been very strong, and of course it’s terrific to hear industry experts saying that we’re creating the world’s best tape reels! Then again, that’s exactly what we set out to do, and we’ve invested a lot in getting it right.”


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PRESS RELEASE RX Reels releases new carbon fibre ‘Studio’ high performance tape reel – at a lower price

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