Clean up your power act: reviews connect-fidelity’s AC-2K power conditioner

British audio brand connected-fidelity’s AC-2K balanced power supply is designed to deliver a full system upgrade for analogue and digital, and audio and AV, components. James Michael Hughes gives it a detailed audition for online magazine

The AC-2K is not just another form of mains power cleaning or ‘noise control’ treatment, says its designer Michael Osborn, but a fundamentally different approach. It’s a passive device that features a massive cryogenically-treated 2kVA toroidal mains transformer producing a symmetrical pair of out-of-phase voltages. Positive and negative connections are inversely-phased so that as one pushes, the other pulls. Equal and opposite currents meet and cancel each other out at the central grounding point, delivering a lower noise floor, since any noise picked up is effectively eliminated.

“It’s very simple to connect up – just plug the AC-2K into a wall socket, and power your hi-fi from it. That’s it!” writes Hughes, who already has a number of power solutions in place in his system. “Even so,” he reports, “adding the connected-fidelity AC-2K balanced mains supply made an audible improvement to the sound I was getting.”

“The music sounded cleaner, with reduced glare. Everything I played seemed more transparent and easier to listen to. The sound was better focused at low listening levels and less ‘loud’ and aggressive at higher levels. There was an overall increase in naturalness. The AC-2K balanced mains supply made my system sound more relaxed and true-to-itself.”

“But be warned, once you hear the improvement it delivers, you may have difficulty listening without it.”

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