“It can do little wrong”: StereoNet reviews Exposure’s 3510 integrated amplifier

Exposure’s 3010S2 integrated amp has long been David Price’s “something to celebrate as a great, ‘one size fits all’ integrated”. “I couldn’t find anything that really came close as an all-round package… for me, the Exposure delivered the musical goods like no other at the price.” But, after many years of tweaks and upgrades, the 3010S2 has now been replaced with the new 3510. Will it still come out on top?

The new 3510 series, soon to also include a preamp and mono and stereo power amps, features trickle-down technology from Exposure’s top-of-range 5010 series, as well as Exposure’s trademark minimalist design.

“The new amp retains its predecessor’s fine connectivity,” writes Price. It sports six RCA line inputs, with the option to substitute one or two of these to fit an MC or MM phono module or a plug-in DAC. “The rear panel sports doubled-up speaker binding posts (for bi-wiring, if you are that way inclined), a preamplifier output (for bi-amping, or to use with a separate power amplifier – handy for many) and a new central fascia-mounted headphone socket. The AV input can be set to fixed or variable gain, so you can use it as a standard stereo in or a fixed gain home cinema input.”

Cutting to the chase, what’s the verdict? “Compared to its price rivals, most of which I have heard or reviewed over the years, I’d say the new 3510 is a very strong proposition. It does precisely what its predecessor did, which is to round up all the good bits of its rivals and package them up in one single product, whilst having no obvious downsides at its price. In other words, it’s a great all-rounder – an integrated amplifier jack of all trades, and master of some.”

“It can do little wrong… It has few, if any, real weaknesses – plus a natural love of music and enough power and detail to enjoy it. I would strongly suggest you audition it if you’re in the market because it does so much so well at the price.”

Read David Price’s review in full online at www.stereonet.com/uk/reviews/exposure-3510-integrated-amplifier-review

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