Computer Audio Design’s Ground Control GC1.1: “once you hook it up, I doubt very much you’ll want to remove it” says Roy Gregory

Audio reviewer Roy Gregory was an early adopter of Computer Audio Design’s Ground Control units, designed to improve system performance by tackling high frequency noise on the signal ground plane. In a recent review he asks, “What does the new, updated and improved GC1.1 bring to the party?” 

In short, if you are already familiar with the GC1 then the GC1.1 brings the same benefits – but more and better.

“It was arguably CAD’s elegant and cost effective GC1 that started the trend towards smarter, more compact and yes, more focussed grounding solutions. This narrow, deep yet stylish box has been an essential part of my system tuning toolbox since it first arrived,” writes Gregory.

CAD GC1.1 – rear view

The arrival of the GC1.1 is as timely as it is welcome. If the GC1 was indispensible, the 1.1 more than fills its shoes, bring greater capability and versatility to what was already an excellent product.”

“When I hooked up the GC1 for the first time, it was something of a revelation… The GC1.1 uncovers another layer of temporal information, not just rendering that space far more accurately, but bringing a more purposeful precision to the timing and placement of notes and phrases, a greater sense of direction, momentum and poise to the performance as a whole.”

“Try it: once you hook it up, I doubt very much you’ll want to remove it.”

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CAD GC1.1 – front view