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We need to talk about room acoustics II

Back in May I wrote a blog post about room acoustics (cannily called ‘We need to talk about room acoustics‘). Long story short, the folks at GIK Acoustics had (some months prior) very kindly loaned me a bunch of acoustic panels to use in my Reel-to-Reel Rambler demo room at Hi-Fi Show Live. I was so impressed by them that, before returning them, I took them to my home listening / living room and had a bit of a play. The effect was so dramatic that I immediately realised I could never now live without them. However, the panels I had borrowed were very far from liveable with in my much more compact space, having been designed for a considerably larger one, and so I set out on a quest to find the perfect balance between sonic nirvana and home-friendliness.

Read all about phase II of the challenge, involving lots of shuffling and fine-tuning of a range of bass traps, on my Reel-to-Reel Rambler blog at: In pursuit of sonic nirvana: the GIK Acoustics experiment continues

We need to talk about room acoustics

For some reason it seems that we audiophiles don’t talk much about room acoustics. Which is curious, since we’re constantly obsessing about the control, damping and isolation of pretty much everything else from connector cables and the component parts of a cartridge, to the feet of our speaker stands. But what of the effects of arguably the biggest component, the largest instrument, in the room – the listening room itself?

Here at David Denyer PR, we found ourselves with an acoustical challenge and, in having to work our way through it, came to realise the very real significance of room acoustics.

Read all about the challenge, how it was effectively resolved and how it inspired us to revisit our entire listening room set-up, on our blog at