ADL launches H118 headphones: superb sound, supreme comfort


Can listening to music be any more intimate than via headphones? It’s just you and the sound in your head. But as we all know, intimacy tends to reveal shortcomings.

Too many headphones have too much bass or are too bright with a thick, congested midrange. Most are uncomfortable to wear and ultimately fatiguing.

The new H118 from Alpha Design Labs (ADL) features a supremely comfortable headband and over-the-ear design. And then there’s the sound…

The H118 is balanced in a completely audiophile way. Scintillating tonal colours and textures, intimate and close harmonic interplay, a sense of space against a quiet background, the resonance of music itself creates an involving emotional experience when you’re this close to it….

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PRESS RELEASE ADL launches H118 headphones

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ADL H118 headphone
ADL H118 headphone

ADL H118 headphones