Icon Audio launch world’s first KT150 valve amplifiers


In 1958 GEC introduced the KT88 valve, designed specifically as a hi-fi valve and intended to be the best. For 52 years it reigned supreme until Tung Sol released the bigger and better KT120, developed from the same design but with more power to drive more demanding modern loudspeakers.

Now Tung Sol has announced the arrival of the KT150: even bigger with more power, and more refined.

Icon Audio have, for some months, been working to get the best out of this fabulous new tube and have concluded that it is simply astonishing. It can be used in single-ended, ultralinear and triode designs.

With immediate effect the Icon Audio Stereo 60 MkIIIm integrated amplifier, Stereo 60P MkIIIm power amplifier, and the MB30SE, MB90 MkIIm and MB150 monoblocks are available with this very affordable upgrade. The KT150 is also an upgrade for selected previous Icon Audio KT120/KT88 designs….

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PRESS RELEASE Icon Audio launch worlds first KT150 valve amplifiers

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Icon Audio KT150 valve amplifiers
Icon Audio KT150 valve amplifiers