Exposure introduces 3010s2 reference phonostage


Exposure Electronics is delighted to announce the release of the 3010s2 phonostage.

This all-new high-performance phonostage features a reference-standard dual regulated power supply with regulation optimized for the different sections of the circuit. The input stage is based around interchangeable circuit boards, each being specifically tailored for either MM or MC cartridges to provide uncompromised performance with both types of cartridge. The input is fully configurable to ensure that the cartridge loading and gain are optimally set so that the finest details are faithfully retrieved from vinyl records and delivered with the exhilarating and involving musical reality for which the Exposure range has become renowned….

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PRESS RELEASE Exposure introduces 3010s2 reference phonostage

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Exposure 3010s2 phonostage
Exposure 3010s2 phonostage