Icon Audio launch PS3 MkII phonostage


The award-winning Icon Audio PS3 phonostage has been replaced by the new PS3 MkII, a cost-no-object flagship phonostage that takes the top-end of the Icon Audio range to a higher level.

The PS3 MkII is built onto two chassis, one for the power supply and another for the phonostage itself. The power supply features a very large power transformer, an EZ80 rectifier valve and two large chokes to provide a smooth supply with great dynamic potential. Two more valves: an EL84 controlled by an ECC83, regulate the supply to feed the phonostage with a precise voltage of exceptional purity.

The result? The new PS3 MkII combines exceptional resolution and precise sound-stage definition with a naturally pure tonality and beguiling musicality….

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PRESS RELEASE Icon Audio launch PS3 MkII phonostage

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Icon Audio PS3 MkII phonostage
Icon Audio PS3 MkII phonostage