ADL launches X1 portable USB DAC/headphone amplifier


Headphone listening is an intimate and highly personal musical experience. To enjoy the best results, most enthusiasts favour a dedicated headphone amplifier married with a good pair of headphones – the amplifier being as important as the headphones in determining the quality of sound.

Enter the new X1 from Alpha Design Labs (ADL), a division of Tokyo-based brand Furutech. The X1 is a small, discrete and high-specification portable headphone amplifier and excellent quality digital to analogue convertor (DAC). It supports digital input from Apple iOS devices up to 16-bit/48kHz as well as 24-bit/192kHz high-resolution files from PC via USB. In addition, 4-pin 3.5mm line-level input allows for use with analogue source devices….

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PRESS RELEASE ADL X1 portable USB DAC headphone amplifier

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