Kudos Audio launches new X3 floorstanding loudspeaker


Hot on the heels of the highly successful Kudos X2 ‘baby floorstander’, the new X3 loudspeaker goes above and beyond with its larger size, extended bass and exciting dynamic range.

The new X3 from Kudos uses the same high quality tweeter as its ‘baby brother’ the X2, but marries it with a new 18cm main driver. The main driver’s cone is made from a mixture of paper and reed fibres which combines inherent stiffness and natural damping with light weight and therefore improves transient and dynamic response, as well as overall clarity. A copper-clad aluminium voice coil and copper shorting ring further enhance transients and dynamics and reduce distortion, increasing transparency, while a cast chassis gives the main driver optimal stability….

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PRESS RELEASE Kudos Audio launches new X3 floorstanding loudspeaker

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