ADL follow award-winning X1 portable USB DAC/headphone amp with new A1 for Android devices


Tokyo-based ADL by Furutech bagged an armful of awards for the excellent X1 portable USB DAC/headphone amplifier, including ‘HiFi News Outstanding Product’. Now a new sister product, the A1, brings all of the benefits of the X1 to the Android user, and with DSD capability.

Some digital enthusiasts need small, portable DACs and headphone amps because they’re always on the move. Others need flexibility with their digital kit, notably the ability to insert a headphone amp into virtually any system and achieve impressive sonic performance. The new ADL A1 DAC/headphone amplifier is designed with both cases in mind….

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PRESS RELEASE ADL A1 portable USB DAC headphone amp for Android devices

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ADL A1 portable USB DAC headphone amp
ADL A1 portable USB DAC headphone amp