Hi-Fi World gives Miyajima’s Takumi stereo MC cartridge the full five stars

Hi-Fi World reviewer Paul Rigby discovered the joys of Miyajima’s mono cartridges back in 2014, penning rave reviews of the Japanese artisan brand’s Kotetu and Zero models.

But things become rather more competitive when it comes to stereo, as Rigby points out in his recent review of Miyajima’s Takumi stereo cartridge. “Would Miyajima reveal itself to be only a one-trick mono pony,” he wondered.

Hardly! “Outstanding – among the best,” concluded Rigby, awarding the Takumi Hi-Fi World’s full five stars.

Japan-based Miyajima has been making phono cartridges for more than three decades. Although they were only discovered by American and European audiophiles in recent years, they have since received glowing reviews worldwide – and deservedly so.

Miyajima Takumi stereo MC cartridge
Miyajima Takumi stereo MC cartridge

The Takumi is Miyajima’s entry-level stereo cartridge, priced at £1,295.

Every Miyajima cartridge is hand-crafted in-house by a dedicated team of six based in in Fukuoka, Japan. The cartridge bodies are individually precision-milled from rare and exotic tonewoods, in this case African blackwood (mpingo), renowned for its acoustic properties.

Like all Miyajima stereo cartridges, the Takumi’s generator system features a patented Miyajima cross-ring design in which the cantilever fulcrum and coils are exactly positioned in the centre of the magnetic field.

“The effect of the Miyajima was immediately apparent,” Rigby noted in his review. “I am used to hearing a goodly amount of air and space from my reference system but the air generated by the Takumi, not just around the track but actually in and around each instrument, was truly impressive.”

In his overall verdict, Rigby singled out the Takumi’s frictionless mids, open and spacious soundstage, detailed low frequencies and delicate treble as particular strengths. Weaknesses? “Nothing”.

Paul Rigby’s full review of the Miyajima Takumi is published in the December 2015 issue of Hi-Fi World.

Find out more about the Miyajima range of mono and stereo cartridges from UK distributor Timestep.

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