Hi-Fi Plus & Hi-Fi World review Riva Turbo X Bluetooth speaker

“What musically satisfying yet highly cost effective choices are available to today’s newcomers to the world of high-performance audio?” asks Chris Martens in the March issue of Hi-Fi Plus.

Pondering the question further, Martens reaches the conclusion that “perhaps the best starter system might not be a traditional system at all, but rather a compact, affordable, yet surprisingly capable single-chassis device such as the Riva Turbo X Bluetooth speaker.”

Riva Turbo X Bluetooth loudspeaker - sideboard
Riva Turbo X Bluetooth loudspeaker – sideboard

California-based Riva Audio is keen to bring high-fidelity sound to digital musicphiles who have grown up with iPods and MP3s rather than with traditional hi-fi systems. At the company’s helm is the world-renowned former rock’n’roll impresario Thomas ‘Rikki’ Farr, who is on a mission to better the “bland experience of today’s tin-can wireless speakers” and deliver a real sense of space, depth and soundstage.

Martens believes that Riva has succeeded. “What struck me… was the tiny Riva’s uncannily smooth and full-bodied sound, coupled with its unexpected, big-system like quality of three-dimensionality,” he writes, later concluding that “the Turbo X offers best-in-class performance for products of its size, type and price.”

Jon Myles, who awards the Turbo X the full five stars in the March issue of Hi-Fi World, agrees. “The Riva has a big, expansive sound that is a cut above your run-of-the-mill Bluetooth speaker. Increase the volume and the Turbo X also stays firmly in control of the music – never sounding tinny or harsh but just smoothly getting louder.”

A number of unique elements have been combined to create this surprising performance, not least the invention of Trillium™, a new method for sound reproduction. Trillium™ up-mixes the left-right stereo signal and outputs it through three channels of amplification and seven transducers to create a stereophonic image much larger than the actual speaker size.

Riva Turbo X Bluetooth loudspeaker - kitchen
Riva Turbo X Bluetooth loudspeaker – kitchen

Three active speakers positioned left, centre and right, mix in-air to create virtual left and right speakers outside the enclosure. Four passive radiators, two located on the front and two on the back, use a symmetrical arrangement to balance the vibrational forces. As a result, more of the drivers’ energy is converted into sound, delivering some of that big, rich, immersive sound you’d normally expect from a traditional hi-fi system.

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For details of local dealers contact Riva’s UK distributor, Decent Audio www.decentaudio.co.uk