Take two front covers: Clearaudio’s flagship and entry-level turntables each hold their own in the April press

Ken Kessler is seriously impressed by Clearaudio’s £111k Statement v2 turntable and TT1 tonearm in the latest issue of Hi-Fi News. Meanwhile over at What Hi-Fi, the £1,000 Clearaudio Concept goes head-to-head with Pro-ject’s 2Xperience SB.

One of the “finest turntables that money can buy”

Hi-Fi News April 2016
Hi-Fi News April 2016

“This is one eye-filling pile of kit,” says Ken Kessler of the Clearaudio Statement v2 turntable with its TT1 tangential tonearm, which together grace the front cover of Hi-Fi News’ April issue.

Given that the original Statement “has survived a decade with few real-world – as opposed to mythical, reviewer-hyped – challengers,” Kessler ponders the enormity of the goal that faced the Clearaudio team in “making one’s best better.”

“As the original was conceived to embody all that the brand had learned in its first 30 years, the update accounts for the intervening decade,” he notes. And what of that decade’s learning?

“Clearaudio’s ultimate Statement deck earns its v2 suffix with a series of refinements – and that includes improvements to the sound. LP after LP challenged the Statement v2, and it rose to each,” writes Kessler. “This is assuredly… one of the handful of finest turntables that money can buy.”

Read the full review in the April 2016 issue of Hi-Fi News.

“Come at the king, you best not miss”

What Hi-Fi April 2016
What Hi-Fi April 2016

“You may be thinking the world of £1,000 turntables is not quite perilous enough to be analogized using a quote from The Wire,” says the April issue of What Hi-Fi, “but many a decent record player has wilted in combat with the Clearaudio Concept.”

Going head-to-head with “the established ruler” is “pretender to the crown”, the 2Xperience SB from Pro-ject. “Who will rule the roost in four pages’ time?” asks the lead-in teaser.

Spoiler alert: the Clearaudio Concept retains its crown, once again earning the full five stars compared to the Pro-ject’s four.

“A single-minded commitment to excellence in all areas pays off handsomely for the Concept,” concludes the review. “A Conceptual masterpiece, you could say.”

Read the full review in the April 2016 issue of What Hi-Fi.